Perforce PyQt share issues

Perforce PyQt share issues

This article was first published many years ago. Back then, we had some serious Perforce PyQt share issues. I am keeping the article around in case people still use PyQt4 with Maya and run into this.

Today, I would strongly recommend to use PySide instead of PyQt4. This article walks you through the process of removing PyQt4 from your Python tools.

The error is a strange PyQt4/uic/widget-plugins/ error in Maya. We get PyQt4 into the PYTHONPATH of Maya through the Maya.env file on startup.

When adding these libraries to source control, do yourself a solid and go to the PyQt4/uic/widget-plugins/ folder. In source control, change all those files to binary→ check them out → overwrite them with the original files → Check in.

I know they are .py files, but if you do not do this, your Maya users will error when PyQt runs EVERY TIME they sync those files. Not sure exactly what Perforce is doing to them, but for us, checking out, setting P4 file type to binary, overwrite, and check in fixes the issue.

Feel free to explain why this is happening in the comments if you know the answer 🙂 , I am dying to understand that one.

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